with These 25 Actions

How I Awakened My Creativity

By Amberly Colella

Part 2


Let's continue to step into a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary — the realm of creativity.

Let go of the need to judge yourself or your ideas prematurely. Create a space where creativity can flow without inhibition.

14. Avoid Self-Judgment:

Capture your thoughts, ideas, and reflections in a journal. Sometimes, brilliance strikes in the midst of daily contemplation.

15. Keep a Creative Journal:

Let music be a muse for your creativity. The right melodies can evoke emotions and stimulate imaginative thinking.

16. Immerse in Music:

Create a focused environment by minimizing distractions. A clutter-free space allows your mind to delve into creative processes undisturbed.

17. Minimize Distractions:

Redefine terms, challenge stereotypes, and consciously choose to see things differently. A fresh perspective often leads to inventive ideas.

18. Challenge Definitions and Stereotypes:

Take breaks to relax and refresh your mind. A rejuvenated mind is more receptive to novel concepts and creative breakthroughs.

19. Relax and Refresh:

See your projects from different angles. Stepping into different perspectives unveils unique insights and creative angles.

20. Shift Perspectives:

Visualize your ideas through mind maps. Creating a visual representation of relationships between concepts enhances your understanding.

21. Mind Mapping:

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Collaborative efforts can bring diverse perspectives and catalyze creative synergy.

22. Seek Support:

Allocate sufficient time for creative endeavors. Rushing stifles creativity, while a well-paced approach allows ideas to flourish.

23. Time Management:

Picture yourself succeeding in your creative pursuits. Visualization instills confidence and propels you towards your goals.

24. Visualize Success:

The foundation of creativity lies in self-belief. Trust in your abilities, and let that belief be the driving force behind your creative journey.

25. Believe in Yourself:

Connect with the Earth. Grounding helps center your creativity, drawing inspiration from the solid foundation beneath your feet.

Bonus Action:  Grounding for Creative Roots

Each of these actions opens a door to a universe where creativity is more than a skill — it’s a celebration of your authentic self. So, go ahead, create, and let your unique brilliance shine.