My Guided Journey Through 10 Steps to Authentic Living

Embracing My True Self

By Amberly Colella

Let’s chat about authenticity, the kind that wraps your life in hues of truth and genuine connection. I’ve got something special for you, a daily authenticity checklist.

Take a moment to rewind a bit. Reflect on yesterday and ask yourself,  “Did I wander away from my authentic self?”

Reflecting on Yesterday: Did I do anything that wasn’t authentic? If so, why?

Today is a fresh opportunity to express your true self. Consider the actions, that resonate with the core of who you are.

Today’s Canvas:  What actions will I take to show my authentic self?

Authenticity hides in unexpected corners. Keep your heart open to opportunities, where you can be wholly and beautifully you.

Opportunities for Authenticity: What will I encounter today?

Identify potential situations that might test your authenticity and plan your response.

Navigating Challenges: What situations might tempt me to stray from authenticity?

Redefine terms, challenge stereotypes, and consciously choose to see things differently. 

Fueling Passion: What are my passions, and how will I weave them into today?

Identify actions that uplift you, celebrate your achievements, and acknowledge your worth.

Building Self-Esteem: What actions will uplift me today?

Explore ways to show yourself kindness, whether through self-care, positive affirmations, or a moment of quiet reflection.

Self-Love Rituals: How will I express love to myself today?

Today, pledge to appreciate your unique journey. Embrace the beauty of your own story without measuring it against others.

Freedom from Comparison: How will I avoid comparing myself to others today?

Identify something wonderful about yourself, and let that affirmation be your guiding light throughout the day.

Daily Affirmation: What wonderful thing will I affirm about myself today?

 Envision the positive outcomes that await when you stay true to yourself.

Living Authentically: What positive outcomes await me today?

Every morning, take a cozy 5–10 minutes to dive into these questions. Whether you do a mental sweep or cozy up with your journal, let the process unfold naturally.

Living authentically isn’t just a checklist; it’s a pathway to a brighter, more fulfilling life. Here’s to living authentically, one beautifully genuine day at a time!